Merry Xmas, my friends!

O Krisiun está aqui!

Ae galera, matando muito? Uma das melhores atualizações até agora, hein?!

Megaman, seu X9!

‎”One thousand heads are on display
Collected through years of thirst
Macabre trophies from my prey
Picked clean of flesh by Oden’s birds

I am - I am - A wolf in human shape
I am - I am - A predator with flaming rage” 

A tube is forced down my throat to breathe
Convulsions from the oxygen intake
Are barely expanding slow suffocation
Ice cold cement is poured over my head

Death - Live In Eindhoven [1998]

The Philosopher
Trapped in a Corner 
Crystal Mountain
Suicide Machine
Together as One
Zero Tolerance
Lack of Comprehension
Flesh and the Power It Holds
Flattening of Emotions
Spirit Crusher 
Pull the Plug

Testament - Live at Wacken Open Air (2012)

1. Native Blood (0:00)
2. True American Hate (5:50)
3. Interview, Part 1 (11:24)
4. More Than Meets The Eye (14:40)
5. Dark Roots Of Earth (19:02)
6. Into The Pit (24:40)
7. Interview, Part 2 (27:57)
8. Practice What You Preach (30:36)
9. Over The Wall (36:10)
10. Interview, Part 3 (41:10)
11. D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate) (45:00)
12. 3 Days In Darkness (49:20)

Trolling snipers!

I know how to play with a tank… #NOT This guy know :P